5-5-5 Hummus

chickpea hummus with carrot sticks

5-5-5 Hummus

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Hands-on time:
Serves: 4

5 ingredient hummus // 5 minutes // 5 variations. Start with an easy base of chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, garlic and salt. Then get creative ideas for endless variations.

Five Ingredient Hummus Recipe | Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday

Hummus, Not Just For Hippies Anymore.

If you ever invite me to a party, I’ll probably bring hummus. But don’t worry, it will ALWAYS be a little different. And it will always have a little surprise spin.

In my opinion, hummus is a near perfect food. When made properly, it’s rich, creamy and decadent. And yet, it’s made from the most simple and humble of ingredients: beans in a can.

Make hummus in its most basic form and even the pickiest of eaters will scarf it down. Or get creative and play it up with ethnic ingredients to impress more sophisticated palettes.

Either way, I love how the ingredients are basic pantry staples that all get mixed together in a food processor — couldn’t be easier. A perfect go-to dish in a pinch. Just one dish and five minutes is all you need for satisfying, bowl-licking worthy hummus.

Five Ingredient Hummus Recipe | Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday

Here Five Things To Do With Hummus:

Roughly chop three cloves of garlic and place in a food processor.

Rinse and drain one can of chickpeas and add to the food processor, reserving about a ¼ cup of the chickpeas to serve on top of the hummus. Roast the reserved chickpeas in a Tbs. of oil over low heat for about 15 minutes until a nice golden crust forms.

Open a second can of chickpeas and dump the whole thing in the food processor — liquid and all — and make sure to scrape the “goo” from bottom of can. If you like your hummus thinner, use a little less of the liquid.

Add the tahini, lemon juice and salt to the food processor and spin away! About 30 seconds is all you need.

Scoop the contents into a bowl and top with the roasted chickpeas when ready to serve.

You can also garnish with chiffonade basil, a parsley sprig or some fresh sage leaves.

Five Ingredient Hummus Recipe | Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday

Here Are Five Ways To Mix Up Your Hummus:

1. Make Hummus With Roasted Red Peppers
Start with the five-ingredient hummus base described above, but use less of the liquid from the can of chickpeas. Add four or five roasted red peppers from the jar and a splash of the brine from the jar. Process until smooth. If you like the briny, umami flavor of roasted red peppers from the jar, add some nutritional yeast for an even bigger blast of flavor. Love roasted red peppers? Try this Southwest Stuffed Sweet Potato recipe.

2. Make Hummus With Kalamata Olives
Add ½ cup kalamata olives to the five-ingredient hummus base before processing. Roughly chop another ½ cup of kalamata olives and gently mix into the hummus with a spoon.

3. Make Spicy Sriracha Hummus!
Sriracha! … ! … Add ½ cup sriracha (or more if you looooove sriracha), but careful, sriracha has a lot of added sugar so your hummus is gonna come out sweet. Sprinkle with paprika or chili powder.

Five Ingredient Hummus Recipe | Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday

4. Make Extra Creamy Hummus
Add sweet potato puree. Bake ahead of time or use sweet potato puree from the can. Get creative and add other roasted vegetables — cauliflower, beets or even corn can add surprising undertones of flavor.

5. Make Hummus Without Garbanzo Beans
Follow the five-ingredient hummus base instructions, but use black beans instead of chickpeas and use lime instead of lemon. You can even use half an avocado instead of the tahini. For extra flavor, add a little adobo sauce or cumin. Top with roasted corn kernels, cilantro or tabasco sauce.

Five Ingredient Hummus Recipe | Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday

Five Ingredient Hummus Recipe | Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday

Five Ingredient Hummus Recipe | Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday

Here Five Things To Do With Hummus:

BONUS ALERT: Make hummus on Sunday then use the following ideas as a five-day meal plan for weekday lunches:


Spread a thin layer of hummus on a tortilla. Top with a thin layer of basil leaves and thinly cut red pepper sticks. Tightly roll the tortilla and slice into disks (should look like sushi rolls).


Whisk together 2 parts hummus and 1 part olive oil for a creamy, healthy salad dressing.


Spread a generous layer of hummus on toast, top with romaine leaves and avocado slices for a filling, protein-packed sandwich.

Five Ingredient Hummus Recipe | Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday


Use hummus as dip for crackers, chips, apples and veggie sticks.


Scoop hummus into a baked sweet potato and top with roasted chickpeas and walnuts.

Hummus Stuffed Sweet Potato With Roasted Chickpeas | Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday


2 Cans Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans)
3/4 Cup Tahini
1/4 Cup Aquafaba (Liquid From A Can Of Chickpeas)
1/4 Cup Lemon Juice
3 Cloves Of Garlic
2 Tsp. Salt


Mix all ingredients in a food processor until creamy. Eat immediately and store leftovers in the fridge for about 10 days.

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