About Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday

Hello! My name is Claire and I’m a plant-based eater and avid fan of stuffed sweet potatoes.

I used to be horrible in the kitchen and relied on the hot bar at my local Whole Foods to get by. To this day, my husband still makes fun of me for completely botching the first birthday cake I made for him by substituting olive oil for flavorless vegetable oil. (While I don’t recommend this, it’s interesting to note that since then “artisanal olive oil cakes” are a thing. I like to think I was ahead of my time.)

The point is, sometimes my deviations from recipes succeeded and sometimes they failed miserably. But over time I got better at preparing food because I wasn’t afraid to make mistakes. And eventually I discovered that recipes were holding me back from truly learning to feed myself in a fun and fulfilling way.

After years of trial and error in the kitchen and listening to too many of my friends complain about meal prep, I’m ready to share with you and the world how to pick apart, learn from, and ultimately crush the need for recipes.

That’s why you won’t get traditional recipes on Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday. What you will get are adaptable formulas (aka un-recipes) so you can put an end to the “what’s for dinner?” crisis.

The Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday Manifesto:

Recipes are holding us back.
Demolish the fear of screwing up.
Focus on simple food and building core skills.
Embrace the art of cooking weeknight dinners.
Make cooking a vital, joyful part of the day, not a chore.
Be proud call yourself a home cook.
Create your own food traditions by learning from others.

Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday Is For You If:

  1. You want to learn more about food
  2. You want the skills to come up with a dinner idea and be able to make it on the fly
  3. You want your family to love Mondays!
  4. You value good food and believe cooking is an important practice for health and happiness

Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday Isn’t For You If:

  1. You’re afraid of making mistakes
  2. You want to blindly follow instructions
  3. You’d rather just get take out

Thanks for joining me in this journey. Please contact me! Share your un-recipe successes and failures with me. I’d love to see and hear about your creations. Share your photos on instagram and tag them with #stuffedsweetpotatomonday