Asparagus Stuffed Sweet Potato With Lemon Dill Sauce

Asaparagus Lemon Dill Sauce Stuffed Sweet Potato

Easy Weeknight Dinners // Un-Recipe No. 17:

Asparagus Stuffed Sweet Potato With Lemon Dill Sauce

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Serves: 4

Farmer’s Market raid!! Lightly sautéed asparagus, sweet summer peas and a punchy lemon dill sauce make this stuffed sweet potato perfect for summer.   Pin this post.

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White Onion

Asparagus and Peas Stuffed Sweet Potato | Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday


Prep For Asparagus Stuffed Sweet Potato With Lemon Dill Sauce:

1. Make The Lemon Dill Sauce: Once people discover I’m vegan they ask me a lot of questions about what I eat for dinner, as if vegan food is some big secret. It’s no secret, but there are a few tricks I’ve developed over the years. One of them is to use rich, creamy, plant-based sauces in place of cheese or dairy-based salad dressings. I come back to this recipe in particular for veggie trays, salad dressings and as a sauce for sautéed greens. And it tastes great with the asparagus in this un-recipe. Get the lemon dill sauce recipe here.

2. Sauté The Asparagus: I LOVE this time of year when asparagus is ripe for the taking at the Farmer’s Market. Asparagus is truly a treat and signifies the beginning of summer. I love it so much I’d eat it raw, but for this un-recipe we’ll lightly sautée it.

Start by breaking off the woody end of each sprig of asparagus. Do this by holding each of end of the asparagus and lightly bending until it snaps. The asparagus will break naturally at the point where the sprig’s texture changes from tender to woody and inedible. It may be alarming to waste an inch or two off each asparagus, but that’s just how it goes.

Warm a small amount of oil over medium heat in the same non-stick pan you used for the onions and garlic for the lemon dill sauce (don’t do more dishes than you need to!). When the oil is hot, add the asparagus and let it cook on the pan for about 10-12 minutes, turning with a spatula often. Do NOT overcook the asparagus. You want it to be green and “toothy,” not brown and mushy. This is what is should look like when done.

Asparagus and Peas Stuffed Sweet Potato | Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday

3. Get Yo Peas Ready: If using frozen peas, defrost them. If using peas in the shell, shell them. If you using shelled peas, just get them out so they’re ready to go.

4. Pick The Chives: On this particular day in June, there was a torrential downpour that occurred the very minute I decided to do this. So I grabbed the umbrella and kitchen shears, snipped a few stems and make a mad dash for the house. Naturally it was sunny again about five minutes later, such is early summer in Wisconsin.

What, you don’t have chives growing in your yard? Then just skip this step or chop up a few scallions in their place.

5. Stuff The Sweet Potatoes: When the sweet potatoes are finished baking, remove from the oven and let cool for a couple minutes. Then cut a long seam into each one, pinch the ends and push towards the center to open the sweet potato. Place a few sprigs of asparagus into each. Smother the asparagus with a generous portion of the lemon dill sauce. Top with a handful of peas, more dill and chopped chives. (And more sauce if you’re so inclined.)

Asparagus and Peas Stuffed Sweet Potato | Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday


Surprise Ingredient:

Chives. A lot like scallions, but thinner and therefore easier to use as a garnish. Use them when you want to add a little onion-garlic flavor boost to your dishes but don’t want to add big chunks. The tiny green flecks win you extra points for presentation too.

For The Win:

Add Cooked Ingredients To The Blender. Onions and garlic are crucial ingredients for achieving an earthy, subtle dish with depth of flavor. That said, their piquant flavor can be a little too sharp and unappetizing in large doses when they are served raw. Cooking them first makes the lemon dill sauce surprising complex.

The Takeaway:

Sauces Can Be Healthy. How many times have you been to a picnic that had a big platter of crudité with a vat of ranch dressing in the center? To be fair, raw broccoli can be unpleasant, so I understand why people need something to dress it up. But ranch dressing is pretty much junk food.

Next time you need some dip for your veggies, use this healthy, 100% vegan lemon dill sauce instead. It has all the zippy, zesty flavor of ranch dressing without the calories or the guilt. Make sure to use a high-powered blender — it’s amazing the creaminess you can achieve without dairy.

Asparagus and Peas Stuffed Sweet Potato | Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday


Asparagus and Peas Stuffed Sweet Potato

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