Cooking Tricks

Tricks For The Sweet Potato Home Cook

Are you ready to coax more flavor from basic pantry staples? You don’t need to go to culinary school to make delicious un-recipes, you just need to master a few key cooking techniques. Here are the secrets to delicious home-cooked meals. First, however, you must master how to make the perfect baked sweet potato.


Cooking Trick No. 1:
What Is Deglazing?

Deglazing is a fancy term for a basic technique. It releases all the brown bits that stick to the pan from sautéing, amplifies the flavor of your pan-cooked ingredients and creates a mouth-watering glaze. My favorite ingredient to deglaze is mushrooms.

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Cooking Trick No. 2:
How To Caramelize Onions?

Caramelizing onions (or shallots) is a great way to add richness and a depth of flavor to your meals, and it’s so easy.

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Cooking Trick No. 3:
How To Mince Garlic?

Stop messing around with those annoying, papery peels. Use this fun method to instantly remove peels and mince garlic in record time.

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