How To Mince Garlic

Cooking Trick No. 3:
How To Mince Garlic?

Mincing garlic is an important skill for every home chef. Even if you’re not one of those self-proclaimed “garlic lovers,” odds are you still need to mince garlic for numerous recipes you come across. And even when garlic isn’t the predominant flavor, meals that call for garlic fall flat when its omitted. Garlic is a staple ingredient in so many cuisines like Italian, Indian, Thai and Mexican. And garlic powder just doesn’t but it — you have to use so much and the flavor isn’t nearly as full or complex as a freshly minced clove.

That said, mincing garlic can be a chore. I personally hate removing the sticky, papery peels from the garlic clove and quickly tire of this labor-intensive task. Until I learned this method …

Garlic SMASH!

Here’s How It Works: Separate the garlic cloves from the bulb. Place one clove on a cutting board with a couple inches of clean space around it. Take the back end of a chef’s knife and forcefully smash it into the clove. So satisfying. The clove should be slightly flattened and splitting, but not pulverized. Feel free to release a little rage but don’t put a dent in your cutting board. It might take a few tries to get the right touch.

Pick up your smashed garlic clove and try to remove the peel. If it comes off pretty naturally in one or two tries, leaving a smooth clean (albeit smashed) clove inside, you’re good. If not, give it another light smashing.  

Repeat this process for as many cloves as you need. Then arrange the smashed cloves in a tight row on your cutting board to mince them.

Now For The Mincing: Start by picking a pivot point for the tip of your knife on the cutting board a few inches above of the smashed garlics, then bring the knife down in a swift motion over the smashed cloves. Pick up the knife back up, keeping the tip stationary, and bring it down again but a centimeter or so to the right or left of where you made your first cut. Continue this numerous times, going over the pieces until they get smaller and smaller. Voila, minced garlic. 

This is a rough way to do it, but is way easier than using a small paring knife and carefully mincing each clove. It will go much faster than the conventional way of mincing garlic and therefore suits my inpatient tendencies. 🙂 I hope it works for you too.

How To Mince Garlic — Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday
Papery, sticky skins. Beautiful but annoying.
How To Mince Garlic — Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday
Smash it!
How To Mince Garlic — Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday
Smashing the garlic clove makes getting the paper off so easy.
How To Mince Garlic — Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday
Slice roughly.
How To Mince Garlic — Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday
Rock the knife over the slices a few times until you get the desired size.


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