Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potato Un-Recipe

mexican stuffed sweet potato recipe

Easy Weeknight Dinners // Un-Recipe No. 1
Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potato

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Hands-on time:
Serves: 4

Hominy, Ranchero Beans, Avocado, Lettuce and Hot Sauce come together to make this winning Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potato recipe, perfect for weeknight dinners.

What’s an un-recipe?


Baked Sweet Potatoes (pssst: >> how to bake a perfect sweet potato)
Pinto Beans (Ranchero Style)
Sliced Avocado
Torn Lettuce
Chopped Scallions
Hot Sauce like Tapatio

Prep For Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potato:

Like all Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday un-recipes, don’t over think this one. Proportions don’t matter; let your preferences or your pantry’s inventory dictate the quantities. Cooking is an art, and it’s not really possible to get this one wrong. If you’re serving adults, bake one sweet potato for each. Kids can probably handle half a sweet potato. I generally use one 15oz can of hominy and one 15oz can of beans for every two people if I want to have leftovers, otherwise 1 can for three people. A fun way to serve this is to set all the components out in little bowls and let each person assemble their own stuffed sweet potato. It’s like a taco bar but better.



Surprise Ingredient:

Hominy. Hominy. Hominy is dried corn kernels that have been soaked in a lime bath to soften the hulls and loosen them from the husk. Hominy is the way corn is processed for making tortillas and is a common ingredient in many authentic Mexican dishes. Find Hominy in the can in the ethnic aisle or at a Mexican grocery store. Hominy has more toothiness and substance than your everyday corn kernel. The texture almost reminds me of gnocci, I love sinking my teeth into the chewy, fluffy, over-sized kernels. It’s a welcome and unexpected addition to this Mexican stuffed sweet potato.

For The Win:

Use Ranchero Beans. Ever wonder why the refried beans you get at Mexican restaurants taste so much better than the ones you get out a can? Well, there are a couple reasons. First, they probably add lard to them, which is NOT what we want to do. Second, they are seasoned. The quick fix to getting restaurant-quality layers of flavor is to use Ranchero Beans in the can — they’re so much better than boring ol’ pinto beans. I used 365 brand Ranchero Beans, but you could easily heat a can of pinto beans on the stove and shake in some hot sauce, garlic powder, cumin, chili and lime juice. Taking basic kitchen staples and making them your own with easy upgrades like this let you take kitchen staples, make them your own and allow your weeknight dinners to shine.

The Takeaway:

Mexican Meal Creation Math: Use this formula for tasty Mexican dishes with or without stuffed sweet potatoes:
Grain + Protein + Green Veggie + “Punchy” Sauce = Easy, No-Fail Weeknight Dinner that everyone will love.

In this specific example I used:
Hominy + Ranchero Beans + Lettuce and Scallions + Tapatio.

But I could just as easily used:
Brown Rice + Beyond Meat Grilled Chicken Strips + Spinach + Pico de Gallo.

It works every time.

Why is there no picture of this recipe?

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