Thai Peanut Stuffed Sweet Potato

Baked sweet potatoes layered with crisp lettuce, fresh bean sprouts, aromatic Thai basil, savory peanut sauce and topped with crushed, roasted peanuts.

Easy Weeknight Dinners // Un-Recipe No. 16:

Thai Peanut Stuffed Sweet Potato

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Hands-on time:
Serves: 4

Baked sweet potatoes layered with crisp lettuce, fresh bean sprouts, aromatic Thai basil, savory peanut sauce and topped with crushed, roasted peanuts.   Pin this post.


Baked Sweet Potatoes (pssst: >> how bake the perfect sweet potato)
Peanut Butter
Lime Juice
Rice Vinegar
Romaine Lettuce
Bean Sprouts
Thai Basil
Crushed Peanuts

Thai Stuffed Sweet Potato | Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday


Prep For Thai Peanut Stuffed Sweet Potato:

1. Make The Thai Peanut Sauce: Bring out the Vitamix or high speed blender, or, if you’re up for it, a standard kitchen whisk and a lot of energy. Combine about 1/2 cup of peanut butter, 1/4 cup sriracha, the juice of one lime and 2 Tbs. of rice vinegar. Mix thoroughly. Adjust to your liking for flavor and thickness. Add a little more of any of the ingredients until it tastes just right.

2. Chop The Lettuce: Pretty much what it sounds like.

3. Prepare The Other Garnishes: Rinse the bean sprouts in cold water. Roughly tear the cilantro and Thai basil. Shave carrots in long ribbons if you’re going for presentation, otherwise run them through a grater to get shreds. Crush the peanuts with the bottom of the handle of a big chef’s knife. I like to put all these ingredients in separate little bowls to create a “build your own” stuffed sweet potato bar.

4. Assemble the Thai Stuffed Sweet Potato: Cut a long seam into each cooked sweet potato. Pinch the ends and gently push towards the center to open the potato. Use a fork to spread the potato open further if necessary. Drizzle a little of the sauce into each sweet potato, followed by a small handful of romaine lettuce and a sprinkling of bean sprouts. Add another drizzle of the sauce and top with a few crushed peanuts and the herbs.

Thai Stuffed Sweet Potato | Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday

Thai Stuffed Sweet Potato | Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday


Surprise Ingredient:

Thai Basil. Thai basil, sometimes called anise or licorice basil is similar to common basil but has smaller, pointier leaves and a distinct licorice flavor. It shows up frequently in many Asian dishes, and is not exclusive to Thai cuisine. If you are not a fan of licorice, steer clear and substitute any type of basil in its place. But if you’re feeling adventurous, you’ll enjoy the aromatic, exotic flavor. As a bonus, the pretty purple flowers add some panache to the presentation and are entirely edible.

For The Win:

Peanut Butter. Peanut butter is always a winner in my opinion. It adds richness and thickness and is always on hand in most households.

Get the good stuff — the all natural kind that you have to stir. Check the ingredients to make sure it’s just peanuts and salt. Some brands will add palm oil for consistency or sweeteners for flavor. I find these ingredients to be unnecessary; adding unwelcomed calories and detracting from the humble peanut’s natural magic.

Store the unopened jar upside down and shake vigorously before opening. This will make stirring to incorporate the oil that naturally separates a little easier. Once opened, keep in the fridge to slow any further separation.

The Takeaway:

Keep It Fresh. Everything in this un-recipe is raw except for the sweet potato. And why would you want to use mostly raw ingredients? Because it’s easy! There’s no need to over-prepare or complicate a dish when you have quality, fresh ingredients; just let them shine. I especially love the contrast of the rich sauce balanced by the crisp vegetables in this un-recipe.

For a variation on this un-recipe, take all the ingredients and wrap them in rice paper for spring rolls. Use the peanut sauce as dip on the side.

Thai Peanut Stuffed Sweet Potato

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