What’s An Un-Recipe?

What's An Un-Recipe - Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday

There’s No Recipe For Life, There Shouldn’t Be One For Dinner Either.

Do you want to learn to cook without recipes? Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday is here to free you from recipes and solve your weeknight “what should I make for dinner?!” crisis.

Each Monday I give you inspiration and a general formula, NOT a recipe. I want to share my recipe shortcuts with you so you can become a better cook and won’t have to rely on recipes for every meal. You can use an un-recipe like a recipe if you want, in fact, that’s a good way to get started. Or you can use each un-recipe as a jumping off point for your own Stuffed Sweet Potato creations. This is the path to learning to cook without recipes!

Do You Want To Become A Better Cook?

Imagine coming home from work with no idea what to make for dinner and being able to whip up a healthy, delicious meal with what’s in your pantry. What if you had the skills to turn basic ingredients into meals your family will love and your friends will be impressed by? Imagine never being stressed over what to make for dinner again.

When you stop relying on recipes and learn to unleash your inner cook, you’ll start to notice differences in yourself. Your confidence will build and you’ll enjoy making dinner again. You’ll start seeing inspiration for dinner everywhere. With just a few key cooking tricks, you can have the skills to assemble a meal from whatever you have on hand. Imagine sharing your dinner prep secrets with your coworkers the next day and having them say, “Wow, I never would have thought of that!”

After you’ve tried a few stuffed sweet potato un-recipes you’ll find the ones that work for you and that you can come back to over and over again. You’ll be able to have people over for dinner and entertain like the best of them. You’ll also save TONS of money. Leftovers will be fought over instead of wasted. And you’ll stop relying on take-out and restaurant meals as often.

Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday gives you the exact process to follow to transform you into a seasoned home chef. All it takes is a little practice, consistency and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone once a week — every Monday. After a few Stuffed Sweet Potato Mondays, you’ll loosen your grip on all those recipes and realize you don’t need them!

Are You Ready For The Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday Challenge?

I used to dream of being someone who was really good in the kitchen. I’d waste hours at work googling recipes, bookmarking and printing them without any rhyme or reason. At home, recipes would pile up and I’d look through them paralyzed, not sure what to make first. Did I even have the energy? What if I was missing one of the ingredients? Is this going to turn out?

Then I wised up. I realized if I wanted to conquer the “what to make for dinner” problem, I’d need to learn to cook without recipes. Like all things in life, something is better than nothing. Instead of making the goal to become a better cook, I made a simpler goal to try something new and fun every Monday.

For one year, I spent every Monday developing a new mouth-watering, crowd-pleasing Stuffed Sweet Potato meal. And now I’m sharing those ideas with you. I’m not a professional cook, and these un-recipes are not meticulously perfected concoctions. What I am is passionate about food and finding solutions that work for real life. The un-recipes you find on this site have been tested over and over. They are patterns you can follow exactly or use as building blocks for your own meals. The possibilities are endless.

Commit to Every Monday. Imagine what you can accomplish by the end of the year if you are consistent and commit to trying one new un-recipe a week. Cooking is a practice, you will get better over time.

Can I Really Cook Without Recipes?

The main difference between a recipe and an un-recipe is … you don’t have to follow a un-recipe exactly, and your meal will still turn out! In fact, it might even be better! It will still work out even if you don’t have the same ingredients. You can add your own flavor. You can follow your own muse. You can use what’s in your pantry, what’s on sale and what you know your family already likes.

Other food blogs show you glossy, overly-curated photos of recipes that are completely impractical for most busy home chefs. And each recipe only tells you how to make one specific thing. After you muster up the courage to try it, maybe it worked, maybe it didn’t. Either way, who cares? Will anyone remember next week? Will you remember to come back to it next month? It probably had very little impact on your overall quality of life. The Stuffed Sweet Potato Monday approach will teach you how to cook anything, anytime.

Here’s a little secret: I use stuffed sweet potatoes as a fun format for structuring this journey, but the truth is you don’t necessarily need to rely on sweet potatoes for every un-recipe. The sweet potatoes are simply a base. You could swap the sweet potatoes for any other base you prefer. Think brown rice, quinoa, baguette toasts, tortillas, noodles, salad greens or heck, even a hot dog, I won’t judge. Once you grasp the concept of un-recipes, the possibilities are endless.

I’m not here to give you the solution to your problem of what to make dinner tonight. I want you to never worry about what to make for dinner ever again. I want you to experiment, learn and have fun.

After a few Stuffed Sweet Potato Mondays you’ll develop a feel and be able to make your own creations with whatever ingredients you have on hand, even leftovers.

Why Aren’t There Always Pictures Of The Recipes?

Good question, there are so many answers:

  1. As we’ve already established, these aren’t recipes! So every time an un-recipe is made, it might turn out differently.
  2. I’m not a professional chef and neither are you. Getting hung up on presentation is one way to lose sight of the main goal, which is to make a delicious meal.
  3. Your stuffed sweet potato might look totally different from mine, and that’s okay. In fact, it should be different!

As you can see, it’s not about what I made, it’s about what you will make! I’d love to see your creations. Share your photos on instagram and tag them with #stuffedsweetpotatomonday.